set yourself up for relaxation

Natural relaxants in the composition as a part of the aroma complex will help you to reboot after a busy day.

40 грамм 200 грамм Крепость
Extracts of lavender and eucalyptus. The taste of sweet fruits with a slight sourness of citrus and lavender aftertaste.
Currant Melon-Lime
Chamomile and eucalyptus extracts. The taste of currant leaves with the sweetness of melon and light freshness.
Ice watermelon
Extracts of eucalyptus, mint and lemon balm. Taste of ice candies with watermelon juice.
Vanilla and chamomile extracts. The taste of ripe raspberries, with a note of fragrant vanilla and a banana aftertaste.
Extracts of vanilla and melissa. The taste of sweet grapefruit, with a pleasant, shading vanilla spice.
Kiwi tonic
Extracts of chamomile and eucalyptus. Tart taste of cool tonic with sweet kiwi.
Jasmine elderberry
Extracts of melissa and chamomile. The taste of elderberries combined with jasmine and a light mint aftertaste.
Vanilla cola
Extracts of vanilla and melissa. The taste of classic cola with vanilla hints.

Feel the impulses of life

If you don't have time to rest, Energy Complex will help you to cheer up without mugs of coffee and energy drinks.

40 грамм 200 грамм Крепость
Extracts of sea buckthorn and orange. The taste of ripe pineapple combined with tart mango and light sourness of sea buckthorn.
Blueberry-Melon Sea Buckthorn
Extracts of sea buckthorn and orange. Sweet and sour taste of blueberries with a slight cool note of sea buckthorn.
Extracts of grapefruit and orange. The taste of ripe kiwi, combined with cool citruses.
Passion fruit sea buckthorn
Sweet and sour taste of tea with pieces of passion fruit and sea buckthorn.
Banana & nuts cake
Extracts of cocoa and lemongrass. The taste of banana dessert with nut crumbs.
strawberry lollipop
Extracts of orange and grapefruit. Sweet strawberry candy with lime aftertaste.
Kiwi-cranberry pineapple
Extracts of cranberry and orange. Taste of sour cranberry in a sensation with sweet kiwi.